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Judge Beth W. Cappelli
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Bond Schedule
In accordance with Criminal Rule 46 and R.C. 2937.22, the following bond schedule is adopted for all traffic and criminal cases in the Fairborn Municipal Court when the individual has been arrested or incarcerated.

The Judge or Magistrate shall set bond(s) for the following cases:

  2. The following Misdemeanor charges, regardless of whether charged with Revised Code, City Ordinance, or statutory provision:
    1. Domestic Violence;
    2. Violation of any protection order;
    3. Aggravated Menacing;
    4. Assault;
    5. Menacing or Menacing by Stalking;
    6. Aggravated Trespass;
    7. Sexual Imposition;
    8. Voyeurism;
    9. Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor;
    10. Child Endangering;
    11. Any other offense when the alleged victim, police officer or prosecutor is seeking a protection order or any condition of bond, i.e. no contact;

Unless otherwise classified above, Law Enforcement are directed to accept bail as follows:

First Degree Misdemeanor $2,500 cash or ten percent (10%)
Second Degree Misdemeanor $1,500 cash or ten percent (10%)
Third Degree Misdemeanor $1,000 cash or ten percent (10%)
Fourth Degree Misdemeanor $1,000 cash or ten percent (10%)

In addition to the amount of the bond, all bonds shall include the additional statutory surcharges.

No Bond is required for a person charged with an unclassified misdemeanor other than OVI, or a minor misdemeanor unless arrested in accordance with R.C. 2935.26 and the police officer or prosecutor determines that a bond should be imposed by the Court.

In all cases, a surety bond may be posted instead of a cash bond if the surety has been approved by the Clerk of the Fairborn Municipal Court.

When a Judge or Magistrate has previously set bond in a case or has ordered new bond due to a warrant entry, that bond shall supersede the bond set out in the bond schedule.

If a person is arrested or two or more offenses, the bond shall be the bond for the highest offense set out by the bond schedule for all charges unless otherwise modified by the Judge or Magistrate.

This bond schedule is effective as of April 1, 2019, and supersedes any and all previous bond schedule of the Fairborn Municipal Court.

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