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Judge Beth W. Cappelli
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Melissa A. Litteral, Clerk of Court
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Cell Phones are not permitted in the Courthouse.

All persons entering the Court will be subject to search along with any bags, etc. brought with them.

If you wish to waive your right to contest the charges in trial, and you have a violation that does not require a court appearance, then you may pay the amount stated below. By doing so you are entering a plea of "guilty".

Payment must be received in full before the scheduled date of your court appearance. The following information will assist you in paying your ticket.

  • Your ticket will not be available to pay for 2 business days. The citing officer must file the ticket with the Clerk before a payment can be accepted.
  • You may pay the stated amount in the following manner:
    • Pay by phone by calling 1-866-895-0198. You will need to say you are paying a ticket for Fairborn Municipal Court. The provider number is 10522.
    • Pay online at
    • Pay in person at the Clerk of Court's Office.
    • Pay by mail:make your check or money order payable to Fairborn Municipal Court with a copy of your ticket and proof of insurance.
Proof of Insurance
If proof of insurance is not shown to either the officer or the court, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be notified, and your Driving Privileges/Operator's license will be suspended. You MUST show proof of insurance at the time of payment or send a fax to the Court at 937-879-1735 or by email to: prior to 3 p.m. the day you make your payment. The vehicle must be covered by insurance on the date of the ticket. If making a personal appearance, bring your proof of insurance with you to your court appearance date.


The OFFENSES listed below DO NOT REQUIRE a court appearance.

Failure to Appear or pay the full amount owed by the court date listed on the ticket may subject you to arrest and/or suspension of your Operator's License.

Violations Payable Before Court Date
Do Not Require an Appearance
    2nd Moving in 12 Months
Speed 1-15 mph over $165.00 $190.00
Speed 16 mph over $180.00 $205.00
School Zone 1-10 mph over $180.00 $205.00
School Zone 11-19 mph over $220.00 $245.00

Violations Payable Before Court Date

  • Assured Clear Distance
  • Excessive Noise/Muffler
  • Failure to Display Plates
  • Failure to Yield
  • Following Too Close
  • Headlight Violation
  • Improper Turn
  • Improper Lane Use/Marked Lane
  • Improper Passing/Pass on Right
  • Left of Center
  • No Helmet/Face Shield
  • Obstructed View
  • One Way Street
  • Operate Without Reasonable Control
  • Prohibited Turn/ U Turn
  • Red Light
  • Slow Speed
  • Stop Sign
  • Texting While Driving
  • Tinted Windows
  • Turn Signal
  • Unsafe Vehicle
  • Violations Equipment Regulation

1st offense within 1 year: $165.00

2nd offense within 1 year: $190.00

Approach Safety Veh. $220.00
Expired OL $190.00
FTY Public Safety Veh. $220.00
Ficticious Reg. $180.00
Seat Belt/Driver $141.00
Seat Belt/Passenger $131.00
Temporary Permit $180.00
*Child Restraint Violation
(first violation)

The Following Offenses Require a Court Appearance

A third (3rd) or more moving violation within (12) months or M3, M4
A second (2nd) or more Child Restraint Violation within (12) months
Allow a Minor to Drive without a License
Any Felony or Indictable Offense
Any Speed 25 mph or more over limit in Speed Zones of 55 and over
Any Speed 20 mph or more over limit in School Zone
Any Speed 20 mph or more over limit in Speed Zones less than 55 mph
Any Speed 35 mph or more in a business district of 25 mph (M4)
Any Speed 35 mph or more in a school zone (M4)
Any Speed 50 mph or more in a city limit of 35 mph (M4)
Electronic Wireless Communications Device (Hands-Free)
Drag Racing
Distracted Driving
Driving while Texting (UM)
Driving Under Suspension or Revocation
Eluding or Fleeing a Police Officer
Failure to Produce Operator's License
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
No Motorcycle Endorsement
No Valid License (UM))
Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs of Abuse
Passing a School Bus
Physical Control of a Vehicle
Reckless Operation (MM) and (M4)
Stop at Railroad Crossing
Court Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Court Address
1148 Kauffman Ave.
Fairborn, OH 45324
Contact Information
Phone: (937) 754-3040
Fax: (937) 879-4422

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