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Judge Beth W. Cappelli
Melissa A. Litteral, Clerk of Court
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Civil Filing Fees
Civil and Small Claims Filing Fees (Effective April 4, 2017)
BMV Petition or Damage or Money Complaint ($15,000 MAX)** $140.00
Each additional Defendant $20.00
Forcible Eviction Complaint $140.00
Includes Bailiff & Regular Mail Service up to Three (3) Defendants
Each Additional Defendant after Three (3) $20.00 each
Certified Mail Service per Defendant $20.00 each
Replevin Complaint** $140.00
Small Claims Complaint ($6,000 maximum)** $70.00
Each additional Defendant $20.00
Transfer from Small Claims to Civil Docket $70.00
Transferring in a Judgment from Another Court $140.00
Covers one(1) Defendant on Judgment
Each additional Defendant after One (1) $20.00 each
Dog Status Designation Appeal $140.00 each
** Includes service by certified mail
All fees are payable by Check, Cash, or Money Order
Civil and Small Claims Additional Charges (Effective April 4, 2017)
Alias Praecipe Summons** $20.00
Amended Complaint** $40.00
Personal or Residential Service by Bailiff $40.00
Within Fairborn Municipal Court Jurisdiction
Certified Mail Service $20.00 each
Regular Mail Service $10.00 each
Certificate of Judgment $20.00
Certified Copy $2.00 each
Contempts (additional fee for service) $30.00
See above for Bailiff Service if Defendant within Fairborn Municipal Court Jurisdiction
Copies $0.25
Counterclaim, Cross or Third-Party Complaint** $40.00
Debtor's Exam (additional fee for service) $30.00
Exemplified Copy $10.00
Praecipe for Writ of Restitution $60.00
Garnishment-Wages** $140.00
Garnishment -other than Wages** $60.00
Plus Separate Check for Bank $1.00
Jury Deposit-Civil cases Only $1000.00
Revivor** $40.00
Sheriff Fee Deposit $60.00
For Service Outside of Fairborn Municipal Court Jurisdiction
Subpoena $20.00
Plus Separate Check for Witness $10.00
Execution $60.00
Plus Deposit $400.00
Marriage $50.00
Trusteeships $140.00
Plus Fee for Each Creditor Listed $6.00 each
** Includes service by certified mail
All fees are payable by Check, Cash, or Money Order
Court Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Court Address
1148 Kauffman Ave.
Fairborn, OH 45324
Contact Information
Phone: (937) 754-3040
Fax: (937) 879-4422

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